License No. MOC-NV00711

In the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Communications (MOC) dictates that in order for a foreign NVOCC to issue its own House Bill of Lading in PRC, they must be bonded and Licensed.

The correct procedure requires a "CASH" or assurance bond posted in the Bank of China to the value of RMB800,000 or approximately US$125,000.

Collyer Logistics has been bonded and licensed in China since 2002. Collyer also holds separate licenses and bonds for each of its China offices. The Collyer total bond value amounting to RMB2,200,000 or approximately US$335,000.

You can view a copy of our License No. MOC-NV00711 here!

All Collyer clients and partners can be confident of our legal and legitimate services as provided in the PRC!

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