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Collyer supports various social organizations as we care for others in need. Apart from fund contributions to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) & Orbis International, we provided a specialised vehicle to Foodlink to facilitate the safe and efficient collection and delivery of foodstuffs to the needy of Hong Kong. We aim to increase our efforts in order to bring a colorful life to all beneficiaries & to save our natural environment.

Food Link Foundation

Food Link Foundation established in HK since 2001. Its ultimate goal is - A World without Hunger. The organization collects surplus & donated food from various hotels / F&B outlets and delivers it to shelters and needy, thereby generating a sustainable food-recycling system. By sponsoring a refrigerated van Collyer supports foodlink in their cause.

<<  COLLYER 2nd food transportation van has joined the charity action in 2017 !

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

A private & non-profit-making international medical humanitarian aid organization was founded in 1971. It provides variety of services like essential healthcare for displaced people & refugees; treats people affected by epidemic diseases; helps people survive from natural disasters; offers medical care to those excluded from healthcare and advocates affordable, quality medicines to the poorer.

<<  MSF OC is a large orienteering competition activity in Hong Kong. Collyer is proud as the “Campaign Partner” continuously for years to support this charity event.
   Watch the Video online

Orbis International

1970s, the department head of Ophthalmology, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Dr. David Payton started the first page of the ORBIS story. ORBIS is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of blindness work. Through providing training courses, tools and techniques, local eye care institutions enhance the prevention of eye diseases ability, supply quality and affordable eye care services to patients. A convenient and sustainability of blindness action is carried out all over the world at last.
<<   ORBIS Hong Kong devotes its effort to fund raising of sight-saving projects to help those from preventable blindness.

Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals

Dr. Beat Richner, started his work with Swiss Red Cross (SRC) in Cambodian at early 80's. In 1991, the Cambodian government invited him to rebuild and manage the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital. For the following two decades, seven more hospitals were founded / rebuilt and over 10 million patients were treated.

<<   Dr. Beat Richner saved 550.000 children’s live in Cambodia.

Green Effort

A global warming problem has begun. Planet earth is filled with CO2 which leads to climate change with disaster happened in recent years. To get rid of the unwanted greenhouse gases for rescuing the earth, Collyer always encourages a low carbon lifestyle by managing energy usage, using more energy-efficient products & maintaining a green office to conserve natural resources.

<<   Treasure our earth by saving energy & eliminating pollution.

Banda Sea

Banda Sea e.V. is a German foundation that guides and supports a local waste management program on the Banda Islands in the Moluccas, Indonesia. Aim of their work is to reduce plastic waste discharge to the sea by educating the local population and creating alternatives for waste disposal.

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